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“I never realised data protection was so interesting!”

Hope & May staff data protection training

If you are looking for data protection training courses for your organisation, Hope & May can help. Data protection can be a daunting and complicated subject, which is why our data protection training courses are designed to be accessible, informative, and engaging. Our aim is that every attendee completes our courses with a greater understanding of Data Protection Law, and the confidence to get on with the task in hand.

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The Data Protection training is available both in-house and virtually. We have e-learning facilities to measure the effectiveness of the training, to set tests and to issue certificates of attendance. We also offer a range of helpful documents to take away.

Our training is certified with Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Hope & May courses are certified by CPD which means using our services helps to demonstrate personal development. Our courses include CPD points and certificates of achievement.

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We ensure our data protection awareness training courses have a lasting and sustainable impact on those who attend. 

We are delighted that we receive amazing feedback from our training days. Attendees tell us that our courses are informative, thought provoking and even occasionally funny! 

What some of our attendees said…

To find out more about our data protection training courses, please contact us.

A full data protection consultancy

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Staff data protection training

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